Clare Shore's Canonic Polemic
for Bb clarinet, 'cello and piano

Date of completion: April, 1985; Approximate Duration: 5'

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EXTENSION WORKS Performer's Showcase Series featuring
Ian Greitzer, clarinet; Karen Kaderavek, 'cello; Kathleen Supove, piano
1st and 2nd Church, 66 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA

Program Notes

Canonic Polemic for clarinet, 'cello and piano was completed in April of 1985 and premiered by the Amoroso Consort of
Washington, DC, in October of that year. Following the Boston premiere by Extension Works, Anthony Tommasini of the Boston
Globe described the work as "gritty" and "turbulent", but "romantic to its core". The trio (in one movement) consists of a two-part
canon in discourse with a third voice, first presented by the piano in its initial entry. There is much division of all three lines by
timbre and octave placement, particularly at the climax, after which the polemic gives way to a final glimpse of the unmasked
canonic theme as it vanishes.


BOSTON GLOBE, Anthony Tommasini: "'Canonic Polemic'...for all its
gritty canonic turbulence, is Romantic to its core
..." (10/28/88)

BERKSHIRE RECORD, Simon Wainrib: "...'Canonic Polemic' , a title that
describes well the vioces' lively interplay guided by an underlying
academic discipline...the satisfaction generated by the tautness
and transparency of the ...appealing sound web" (3/29/91)

WASHINGTON POST, Arthur Smith: "...Clare Shore's 'Canonic Polemic',
a smooth, elegiac work for clarinet, 'cello and piano..." (6/4/91)

WASHINGTON POST, Joseph McLellan: "...economy of performing
forces and succinctness of statement in...Clare Shore's

'Canonic Polemic' for clarinet, 'cello and piano" (10/14/91)


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