Clare Shore's Nightwatch
for woodwind quintet

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I. Aries (entire)
II. Taurus (excerpt)
III. Gemini (entire)
IV. Cancer (excerpt)

V. Leo (excerpt)
VI. Virgo (excerpt)
VII. Libra (excerpt)
VII. Scorpio (excerpt)
IX. Sagittarius (entire)
X. Capricorn (excerpt)
XI. Aquarius (excerpt)
XII. Pisces (entire

Dakota Wind Quintet - Patricia Masek, flute; Barry Kroeker, oboe; Kimberly
Aseltine, clarinet; Sally Ann Woodward Wilson, horn; Susan Wood, bassoon

Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN, 1986

*Suggested possibilities for abridged performances of Nightwatch:
Aries • Gemini • Virgo (or Libra) • Scorpio • Sagittarius • Pisces OR
Aries • Gemini • Cancer • Leo • Virgo • Sagittarius • Capricorn • Pisces

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