Clare Shore's Rebecca's Gift for violin, 'cello and piano

Date of completion: December 17, 1992

Program Notes

When Sidney Shaw asked me to write a work for violin, 'cello, and piano as
a gift to his wife on her fiftieth birthday, I probed the thoughts and memories of
friends who have known Rebecca since her early childhood in hopes that I could
come up with a musical portrayal which would provide at least a glimpse of her
essence. The consensus confirmed my opinion that underlying Rebecca's sense of
humor and her intellectual, articulate, often bubbly and boisterous, frequently bold
and adventurous persona, is her most outstanding trait – an ever-present warmth
and compassion for others.

Hence the tapestry of varied musical materials which weave in and out of focus
during Rebecca's Gift not only comprises Sidney Shaw's gift to his wife, but also
represents my attempt to portray Rebecca Friedlander Shaw's very special gift to
the world.

Rebecca's Gift was commissioned by Sidney Shaw, Falls Church, VA.

Rebecca's Gift was premiered on December 19, 1996, at the Corcoran
Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, by the Contemporary Music Forum

Helmut Braunlich, violin; Lori Barnet, 'cello; and Nanette Butler Shannon, piano.



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WASHINGTON POST, Joan Reinthaler: ". . .Clare Shore's 'Rebecca's Gift' a one-movement trio for violin,
cello and piano, had its premiere here. It proved to be a gently introspective and nicely laid-out piece in
which each instrument has a chance to have its say against the background of the other two."

Listen to excerpts from Rebecca's Gift


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