Clare Shore's Suite Discovery for flute and string quartet (1992)

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National Musical Arts - Alice Weinreb, flute; Elisabeth Adkins and
Sally McLain, violins; Daniel Foster, viola; David Teie, 'cello


WASHINGTON POST, Joseph McLellan: "There was more substance in an
unpretentious piece of chamber music, Clare Shore's ingenious
and evocative
"Suite Discovery"for flute and string quartet..." (12/27/92)

WASHINGTON POST, Joseph McLellan (from the "Best of 1992"): "Has the world heard enough
music about Christopher Columbus to get us through the next hundred years? Last week I thought
so, but after hearing the world premiere of Clare Shore's 
"Suite Discovery",  I think we must make
room for one more. Shore fills her agenda...effectively and musically...she conveys the awe, excitement
and anxiety, the sense of mystery and adventure associated with the idea and act of discovery...It is
an intriguing work, and its dimensions were set forth clearly and powerfully..."

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